How to do Better Social Media SEO

How to do Better Social Media SEO

In this article we will give you necessary information for making social media based SEO. Our general topics are going to be social media SEO, Facebook SEO, Twitter SEO and Google Plus SEO. It’s easy to running an organic SEO using this type of social media tools. You have to first figure out the visitors logic.

How to do Better Social Media SEO?

When we call social media, usually we think share sites, pages that real users browse, addresses, pictures and links and this type of various platforms. briefly we can say that it’s text, product images, campaigns and information and links that forwarding us to the main page. Users shares images audio and video on different addresses. You should optimize your pages for turn this into an opportunity.

How to do Facebook SEO

Facebook is most popular one among all social media networks. Millions of users browse everyday. There are few rules and logic steps in doing Facebook SEO. We can sort them as follows below:

Gather people by opening a page: You can open a non profit page for a real person, a company, product or an establishment. You can promote your products or content by people that your sector addressing. You must pay attention on your social media pages must be plain and useful. You can reach out more users this way and your promotion be more successfull. An example: You can share an article or news on blog then promote campaign products on etrade sites.

Attract visitors by link descriptions: Sharling links is best you can do in Faceook SEO. When we share a link on our main page, that will bring up and description on our wall. We should choose best description that promotes our producs and also images.

In addition to these, system blocks external links with nofollow. Therefore gaining backlink possibility is too low like around 1%!

Twitter SEO logic

If you ask how to Twitter SEO doing, that is tweets. One of important hint is, adding a good description after link. If you want to improve your success rate on Twitter, make sure your tweets are containing good descriptions. Try to use daily subjects. Examples: #whatifiawas, #whattodotoday or #whattodotomorrow, #seomaster, #webmasterforum, #internetjournal and so on.

Google Plus SEO resolve

Google plus or Google+ SEO based on pages, likes, articles and comments. Biggest advantage here is it’s owned by Google and shared pages gets +1. If different users clicks +1 button on your page, that means 1 article shared on your page for Google plus. Resolving google plus logic is an important issue.

SEO resolve with social media

All our works on social media may not come back us as backlinks. But we will be created organic SEO and served quality information to the users by our SEO was visitor and user based. It is for sure that, SEO is not getting backlinks from quality websites. That means giving quality information and data to the users and visitors. If you marked as a fake site that giving useless information to the users, your fall on rankins will be real fast.

This is end of our article today. We gave you important information on social media SEO, Facebook SEO and Twitter SEO and Google Plus SEO. Our next article will be about WordPress SEO and Joomla SEO. A previous article is exist on our archives about creating hierarchy structure in internal SEO and that gives information about emd update, h tag usage, hiearcy. We recommend you to check it also.

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