What is happening in Daily Design Notes?

What is happening in Daily Design Notes?

DailyDesignNotes are sharing web design and development articles since 2012. Today i will give you some clues about latest news in our website. As we all know, market category is growin each day. Currently there are 860 products available in our market and it keeps growing. We continuing to share other designs prepared with CMS together with WordPress themes. Best web design and development articles is currently around 150 and each day we continue to write more. In our blog page, best web design tools, free and premium graphic designs, incredible giveaway campaigns and top quality website’s reviews that all World following. You can get monthly newsletters of our blog by signing up FeedBurner or Mailchimp.

You want to do shopping on websites and need a coupon code? Don’t worry. Our coupon page growing each day. You can reach 30 discount coupon codes of World’s biggest web design and web development companies with a single click. Why you pay more while you can buy cheap? Please visit our coupon page.

Now it is time for most exciting new. Themes we selling by Mojo Themes are now reached to 10. Today our latest work “Working WordPress theme” is released. We sorted below that 10 themes created by us. We hope your websites will get a much better look by this amazing themes. Now let’s take a look of this designs together.

Time to Meet – HTML5


Live PreviewDownload

Time to Meet – WordPress


Live PreviewDownload

Working – HTML5


Live PreviewDownload

Working – WordPress


Live PreviewDownload

Unique – HTML5


Live PreviewDownload

Unique – WordPress


Live PreviewDownload

Finally – HTML5


Live PreviewDownload

Fondamental – HTML5


Live PreviewDownload

BelieveME – HTML5


Live PreviewDownload

Hospitaly – HTML5


Live PreviewDownload

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