What is DeviantART? How to use it?

What is DeviantART? How to use it?

DeviantART is a cyber art area where artists gathers. Shorty it’s write as dA. It’s created by Scott Jarkoff and Matthew Stephens in august6/2000. DeviantART‘s CEO is Angelo Sotira at present.

DeviantART’s aim is exhibit, criticise and improve of art works. There are more than 15 millions of users and more than 45million art works in DeviantART as of june2013.

We recommend everybody to become member of DeviantART whoever is in graphic design, photography, illustration, stock photo and similar areas. It gives you a profile address like “membername.deviantart.com”. You uploading your arkworks, designs, sketches into the gallery in your profile.

what is deviantart

You can comment other members artworks and get feedbacks and comments for your works too. You can browse into DeviantART galleries and like or comment other people’s works.

Briefly, deviantART is kind of a digital arts network mainly based on graphic design, photography, drawings, sketches. Users can exhibit their works into their galleries, comment or like works and even can sell their works.

So you can learn “What is DeviantART? How to use it?” in this article!


  1. Site menu
  2. Personal settings menu
  3. Personal page menu
  4. User symbols
  5. Special addons
    • deviantART summit
    • deviantART world tour
  6. 6 External links

Site menu

Browse : For browse pictures uploaded to site sorted by category, date and like.
Shop : Area that where works selling
Submit : For upload pictures to dA
Chat : Java supported online chat
Forum : dA forum for share your ideas or read other peoples post
Services : You can read about what you get by being paid member to dA
Help : You can get help for dA

Personal settings menu

Journal : For upload news into your dA page
Profile : Your profile
Settings : dA user settings

Personal page menu

General : Goes your main page
Gallery : Goes your gallery
Prints : Shows user’s works for sale
Scraps : Shows sketches, pre-work designs. It’s different than gallery
Journal : User’s news added to own page.
Neighbours : Shows user’s coordinates and users close less than 100 km.
Acrivity : Shows activities you do inside the website
Send Note : For sending notes to other users. Can be deleted.
+deviantWatch : For fallow user’s works added later on

So, I tried to tell about DeviantART as much as i can. You can ask anything you want about DeviantART by comment box below. I will try to answer as much as i can.

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