What is Black Hat SEO? What are the Solutions

What is Black Hat SEO? What are the Solutions
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Today we will give you detailed info about what is black hat SEO, black hat SEO types, ways to get rid of black hat SEO.  We will make analysis and bring answers to questions as a Daily Design Notes team. Hopefully they will be useful for your webpages. Please help us by sharing this article with your friends and social media profiles and also don’t forget to follow us by RSS. Let’s take a look about our topics;

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat Seo is NEVER RECOMMENTED by Google and if detected, can cause you permantent problems. Sites uses black hat SEO would get front ranks in Google temporarily for short term, but in long therm it will bring you punishments and troubles. Shortly we can say this: Be aware of services which carries you to first pages in Google in short time.

What is Black Hat SEO Types?

This seo system is separated to 2 main lines. Internal links and external links. You can’t identify easly to this kind of SEO errors. But your fall in search engines can be observed easly.

Internal links : This means, unnecessary and excessive links on main page, massively used tag coulds, bad site referrings (outside links) and pointless long code lines.
External links : Logic behind this method is, attacks comes to your main page in various keywords from different websites. This will cause you to fall into Google sandbox very high probabily.

How to get rid of Black Hat Seo?

First of all, make a check links in your website and source code (encrypted or invisible (display :none;) marked links) Delete if there is black hat seo links. Remove if there is a tag cloud. Start using orginal articles. Only thing you can do outside your website is, Google Webmaster Tools. You can use if for deny links by services in it. It briefy works as, if adresses refers you contains bad content and harmful for your website or contains infinite numbers of links, you can upload into google service as a notepad (txt) file and deny those links. You can reach deny links page bu click here.

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