What is Anti SEO? How to Detect it?

What is Anti SEO? How to Detect it?
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What is Anti SEO? How to detect it?

We made long researches for prepare this article about Anti SEO which is recently facing in lots of sectors. We also sharing personal experiences and knowledge we had before in past together with this article. We hope this article will be useful and satisfying like past articles we shared about SEO before.

Firstly, i want to say that doing Anti SEO is an hard and risky work. Because it will not be difficult to deteck who doing it. Of course you should do a good search and analysis on this. In the rest of article, we will talk about detecting Anti Seo, finding who does Anti SEO on you and protecting yourself against Anti SEO and other important details.

Detecting Anti SEO

If your website having unexpected falls in ranks, there can be Anti SEO behind this falls done by wicked rivals. Best and easiest way to check about this is, query your website on opensiteexporer.org and look at anchor text results. If there keywords does not involved your website or even unethic or vicious keywords in results, they are signs of Anti SEO.

I also recommend easy to use webmaster tools also which can bring results fast on screen. You can get details on links coming to your website by webmaster tools > your website > Links coming in your website.

When you display details about topic how your data connects, you can see all links coming your website from which keywords. You can search this keywords on google and reach hacklink websites. Also you can get to Anti SEO’s done from strange unknown websites by displaying details in most link providers topic.

Detecting Who does Anti SEO

You can resolve the problem while detecting who does Anti SEO. There are several ways to detect. You must pay attention on hacklinks given to your website will be another fake websites for confuse you. While adding your website links in wicked keywords, they will be adding another good useful keywords to another website for make sure you think on owner of that website is doing Anti SEO on you. It is a target diversionary trick. Don’t be fooled by this simple trick. Nobody is fool enough to do Anti SEO and same time add his own site on same place.

Probably Whoever does antiseo on you may add his rivals to the same place. If you face to sectoral, try to find who does SEO works in that keywords at the first page. In example : If there is a hacklink for product named “x product” in to a rival webpage in same hacklink source, site below or above of it is which he does SEO work also. If you can detect the website he doing SEO, you can contact site owner and ask who does seo for that website. Of course for make sure, you should do a really good analysis and deep search. During this period, save all screenshots, phone call and contact logs and keep them as evidence. When you apply for legal remedies, you will need them.

Eliminating Anti SEO

One way is, hacking into the websites who added wicked keyword hacklinks for your website and remove them yourself! This is a non ethic and never recommended. Therefore, always use the contact info, contact forms, mail addresses and phone numbers to contact outer websites where hacklinks added for your website. You will witness that how fast they will be removed.

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