Best SEO Addons for Firefox and Their Advantages

Best SEO Addons for Firefox and Their Advantages
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If you are using Firefox, you should benefit from my Firefox SEO plugins article. You must be noticed how Firefox itself is plain and out of use when you install it. It’s why we add our bookmarks and theme we use first. When we think our Firefox is now handy and respond to our habits, we notice something else: Firefox addons. In this article we choose topic as Firefox addons used for SEO applications. I hope this article will be useful for you which i already published on our SEO blog.

Web Browsers

Since first day that published, they improved greatly. There have been lots of softwares came and pass since first browsers, like mosiac and similars. Todays modern browsers are now Firefox, Google Chrome, Intenet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are took it’s place in short time among the best browsers of the World. It is a good alternative to the Internet Explorer.

Why Firefox was successful in a short time? The reasons are :

  • Did not gave up of principles since is established at 1998
  • It’s upgrading by a global population working in harmony with feedbacks.
  • It’s non profit structure.
  • Open Source

Customizing Firefox / Firefox Addons

If you want to use Firefox web browser, you should customize it as the way you like. You can change its theme. You should support visual changes with functional changes. Here comes addons in handy. You should install addons for make your internet usage much effective. Addons will turn Firefox web browser to respond our needs much better. We can call addons to these modifications. Firefox addons, themes and persona’s are actually tools we use for customize our Firefox.

SEO Addons for Firefox

Firefox SEO addons are helps a lot for doing SEO applications. You can do a lot of processes with this Firefox SEO extension that upgrading by developers and users from all around the world, instead offered by premium softwares. Both browse internet and use SEO related applications and tools easly. This SEO addons general functional features are :

PR : (Google PageRank) A variable that measures web pages values
AGE : Related with pages ages, registry date that tell us how old they are
LINKS : An approximate percentage of links coming into the site. They can be sorted as .edu, .gov etc. : Shows that how many bookmarks your website gets on
Technorati : Total link number comes from blogs to sites
Alexa : Web site rank related to web site traffic. It’s an important criteria. Learn more about Alexa ranking!
Cached : (Gogole Site) When it’s index and hit, it means Google. This is site search on Google
Dmoz : For search if it’s registered on Dmoz that a elite website. : Check if it’s listed on yahoo directory
WhoIs : Fast check of a website’s whois information
Keywords : Keyword analyses.

Firefox SEO addons usually do these and similar options like them. They are useful because they are easy to reach right in our browser.

Let’s take a look these Firefox SEO addons

SEO for Firefox

An important Firefox SEO Addon. While you making search, this addon are making important calculations, pagerank, number of backlinks, domain age, alexa rank and show them on Firefox.

SEO for Firefox addon has a feature called SEO x-ray in itself. We are able to see easly that internal and external links of page, meta descriptions and meta title’s in the page.

Another feature of this addon is, it marks no-follow links automatically. You can keep this always on. This feature allows you to see for both if you are looking a backdoor on your website or looking for a page to write for backlinking. This addon is among the best Firefox SEO addons.

Search Status

This addon can be used on toolbar when you need. You can reach lots of SEO tools and information whenever you need. Swoing whois info, keyword density and robots.txt file is most used features of it.

As an addition, “show other domains on this ip” feature is one of most used feature. You can investigate your rivals.

Rank Checker

It’s easy to use and reach fast. There may be much more useful tools than this. But rank checker is fast and this makes it unique. When you get used of it, you will be using it often and find it useful. This tool is safe. No worries about if SEO company stores my information and uses.

SEO Quake

This is a bit more complicated and detailed version of SEO for Firefox. It shows same data and additionaly can show information on page you are browsing. I do not recommend to use this both together. My personal opinion is, SEO for Firefox is enough. SEO Quake sending too much requests and there is high possibility to it gets filtered.

PR, Alexa, Google, Bing and Alexa and others are shows calculations with images so it makes process slow.

Google Toolbar

Google toolbar will not give you advantages if you are using this addons. You must be using search in Firefox area. Why you don’t use more features?

Highlight feature is useful for finding something in page fast and easy.

User Agent Switcher

You can set this agent as User Agent to the Google Spider. This gives you advantage of : You have seen an information on meta description or google search result information. When you change user agent, you can see what google bots see and read information what they can read. You can get information where google bots can enter even for areas blocked to you.


This is not actually a SEO addon but it is very useful tool. Use areas are handy for SEO. You should definitely use Firebug for inspect code of a page, edit and check and make various of changins.

You can change online codes fast and easy without need dreamwaver or ftp. A SEO expert can resolve deeps of html, javascript and css. Firebug allows you to do that easly. You can make fast changings on html js and css codes instantly on pages and see results again instantly. We simply can say that, Firebug is a must for SEO experts as an addon on Firefox.

Web Developer

This can respond lots of your needs as a code developer. Also popular and a good tool. But it is behind firebug. We recommend firebug but as an alternative, Web Developer is another nice tool.

Live HTTP Headers

You can investigate connection transmit between you and website by this SEO addon. It is quite a bit technical complicated tool but you can get detailed inspections in redirections by this SEO addon. It is worth to install even though you may not need it frequently. You can get advantage on your rivals by inspecting enters and exits on a spesific webpage with this tool.

Google Global
You can use this addon for see how a keyword sorted in search results in a spesific country. When you want to make a search globally, google shows obstinately a local server. You can change it with this addon and make any global search you wish. You can resolve local search problems with this tool.


Kgen Firefox SEO addon allows you to see keywords and keywords density of a webpage you visit. Search Status Keyword Density tool also does the same. Therefore if you want to use seach status keyword density tool, you may not prefer kgen. Both are alternatives of each other.

Flag Fox

It is not actually a quite SEO addon but this is a useful tool that allows you to see where are the servers located of webpages you visit.


YSlow analyse your webpages and tells you why they are slow according to Yahoo! rules that created for high performance websites. You can use this tool for inspect your webpages, find out if there is a code exist in pages which makes it slow. You will need Firebug addon for use this tool. You can get answers of “Why slow?” and create solutions for your webpages.

This list is covers a generally what Firefox SEO addons should be mentioned. Please feel free to leave a comment for any possible corrections and suggestions. If you want to see another tool added on list, please contact us or comment below.

Briefly: Firefox is just a web browser and you need addons and plugins to unlock it’s real potential. You can turn it into a SEO Headquarter. This addons will help you to imrove your projects, resolve your webpage problems, make you gain time, fast and accurate analyses and so on. All addons are free.

We made a detailed article before about How to write an article with 100% SEO compatible?. We highly recommend you to read it.

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