What is Pinterest? How to use it?

What is Pinterest? How to use it?

I wrote detailed about Dribbble in past article. Today i will write about Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most popular social media network. I hope this article will be useful for you learning what is Pinterest. It’s name Pinterest comes from word Pin + Interest. One of the biggest differences between pinterest and twitter is, pinterest has it’s own application.

You install this application named “Pin it” on your browser. Then you using it’s button for pin the pictures you like while browsing on the web. You sending it into your own page on pinterest. Now lets take a look what is pinterest, what it’s not and how to use it. This is a social media network developed at the beginning of 2012 and reaced to 10 million users in a short time. It’s attacted a large community and also companies. so what is pinterest?

Pinterest Home

1 – How do you sign up for Pinterest?

Pinterest is now trial. Therefore only invited people are welcome. You leave your email address on site, or get an invitation from someone already a member. If you are a patient one, you get invitation from pinterest in few days. Another option is, you may ask a friend already a member there. I signed up with invitation from pinterest after 2 days. Patience way 🙂

2 – Pinterest membership activation

After you received invitation, you need to connect your Facebook or Twitter account to the pinterest.

3 – Facebook and Twitter connection

After that, pinterest will request you to complete your profile. You can change your user name(nickname), email address, password . According to connected account, you may enable or disable that pinterest broadcast news for you. So that means, nothing will be posted on your wall ot tweeted before you know it.

Pinterest Social

You created your profile. Now it’s time to create your “boards”

Boards are like heart in pinterest. You creating boards that suits your interests. Architectural, nature, fashion, supercars so on… Your interests will shape your boards.

Pinterest Board

4 – Pin it application and its usage

Screenshot below is taken when pin it application activated and what brings up. It’s located on dailydesignnotes.com. You choose images by application and sending them into your boards.

After this step you click image you like, so you get screen as shown below

Pinterest Pin IT

Number 1 is image you choose, number 2 is board you going to pin it, number 3 is description about image. After you edit everything, you pin it and your image goes into your board.

5 – What else you can do?

In first times at pinterest, you may face the same situation as you have 0 followers and trying to tweet in Twitter. You may have fully filled boards, lots of boards but zero followers. It’s normal because pinterest is yet getting popular on the world. But that does not means keep hanging on facebook or twitter. If you are a designer, you can add images to your boards and use there as a portfolio.

In future, there will be people use boards as their personal resumes (cirruculum vitae) It’s all up to you. If you still looking more fun, you can get to “Everything” section on main page. You can choose any of categories listed there and get lost in the images world.

I tried to tell about pinterest as much as i can. If you want to signup there, you can click “request an invite” on the page and wait for invitation to come. Alright pinterest waits you.

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