12 Best Maintenance Mode WordPress Themes and Plugins

12 Best Maintenance Mode WordPress Themes and Plugins
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Are you designing a new blow in WordPress? Are you going to maintain your website? Do you want to inform your visitors when you going to online and give details instead of a static icy page? Today its your lucky day.

Today you will find 12 top best maintenance mode WordPress themes and Plugins in the article I prepared for you. I added top quality plugins and themes for my long researches in search engines. I hope this article will be useful for you in your projects. Please share this article in your social media profiles, share with your friends and help us by bookmarking.

Get a Maintenance Mode WordPress Themes and Plugins

Landis Theme

Landis is a simple one page Landing/Under Construction WordPress Theme that allows you to keep your users informed while you are building a your amazing new website. This WordPress Theme will allow you to quickly and easily create a landing page on a your website project that tells the visitors what is going on and when the site will be launched.


Demo | Download (Free)

Lexiity Theme

Lexiity is Responsive Under Construction/Coming Soon/Landing template – specially created to tell your visitor that your site is in progress.


Demo | Download (Free)

5sec Maintenance Mode Plugin

5sec plugin comes with 6 beautiful, funny templates to make your visitors less angry while you’re offline, customizable countdown timer, customizable progress bar fully editable templates and customizable complex access rules by user groups and IP-s.

5sec Maintenance Mode

Demo | Download (Premium)

Radar Landing Page Plugin

Radar is a neatly-designed landing page and maintenance mode plugin integrated with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor API ’s, an AJAX contact form, Twitter, blogging and more. It also has a responsive design, check out the demo!


Demo | Download (Premium)

Maintenance WordPress Plugin

Take your site down from public view with a click of a button hiding the site when you need to change a few things or run an upgrade, making it only accessible by login and password. There is also an area to add a custom message which will be shown to the users while your site is down. Users stay on the same page when they input wrong initials.


Demo | Download (Premium)

Coming Soon Landing Page Plugin

This is a awesome WordPress landing page plugin with development mode! You can work on your actual website while your users see the coming soon page! (only for one ip adress)


Demo | Download (Premium)

Premium Coming Soon Plugin

New, modern, user friendly countdown page that lets your visitors know when you will launch your website. Has a custom countdown counter and the possibility to create an endless number of new themes as you please. You can add custom logos, backgrounds, headers & footers and many more. Also there’s an existing palette with custom backgrounds, patterns, headers, footers, fonts & fonts colors and much more.


Demo | Download (Premium)

Ultimate Coming Soon Page Plugin

Simple and flexible, the Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin works with any WordPress theme you have installed on your site. Anyone who isn’t logged in to your site will see the specific page, while you or any other logged-in staffers can access the site as normal to work on your changes or content.

ThemeFuse Coming Soon Page

Demo | Download (Free)

Ultimate Landing Page and Coming Soon Page

Create a landing page or coming soon page in as little as 5 minutes without any programming or design skills.

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Demo | Download (Free)

ThemeFuse Maintenance Mode Plugin

ThemeFuse Maintenance Mode is a coming soon plugin that enables you to inform your users when your new website is going to be live while you are working on building it.

ThemeFuse Coming Soon Page

Demo | Download (Free)

Anticipate Plugin

Anticipate is a maintenance mode plugin that allows you to serve your visitors an alternate “coming soon” page while you work on building your website in the background. Once activated, all of your visitors will be sent to the Anticipate landing page. When logged in as a WordPress Admin, however, your normal theme appears, allowing you to build your website seamlessly in the background.


Demo | Download (Premium)

Netchillies Coming Soon Page Plugin

Custom Coming Soon Pages WordPress Plugin allows you to display a Customized Coming Soon Page or Under Construction page to normal visitors or regular members of your WordPress based website or Blog – while the Site Administrators see the fully functional website with the applied theme and active plugins as well as a fully functional Dashboard.

netchillies Coming Soon Page

Demo | Download (Free)


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