Learn How to Create a SEO Based Blog

Learn How to Create a SEO Based Blog
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Today i want to write about how to create SEO based websites. First of all, you need a domain and a host from a good hosting service. You have to create a strategy yourself next. SEO does not mean itself just taking backlinks, buying description texts or being active on social media. You need to make characteristic additions. I will give you my own strategy i use on my websites after long experiences. So you can create much healthy SEO‘s by following it.

Take a look my methods;

Distinctive content: It means, all texts are created by you and reflecting your own imagination without copying from somewhere else.

Naturalness: Your articles must be natural. It’s parallel with distinctive content.

Masterity: Writing articles needs a bit masterity, experience and knowledge about subject. Articles written by amateurs would not get acceptance by both google and your visitors and cause you get a negative point. Artices written in a professional way will give you positive points.

Simplicity: Plain and understandable content is important for both google and visitors. Avoid writing in long and complex sentences and repeats.

Diversity: Use sentences that makes you different from other articles about subject you writing in. Make it a habit in all your articles. Be different.

Appropriate keywords: Choosing right tags and keywords will make you a step forward always from other articles.

Backling web: Backlinks are briefly, links to your site from external sites. Kind of a reference. You must be picky while taking backlinks to your site.

Social media: Today it’s-a-must to share your articles on social media platforms like twitter, facebook and so on. You will get more traffic flow and make people reach your site much easier. That will keep you a step forward from your rivals.

These are our main SEO strategies. You must create your own SEO strategy in time which suits your articles and website. Domain and hosting is never enough. You should serve your visitors accurate and precise content and information. Otherwise, no matter how hard you work, all will be useless.

What are the best SEO analysing plugins?

If you choose WordPress that world’s top CMS software for creating your blog, below there is a list of most successfull SEO tools we prepared for you. By using this tools you can make anaylse of how suitable or not is your articles for the SEO. So you can fix all errors easly and make your articles much more optimized.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoas

WordPress SEO is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin that exists today for WordPress.org users. It incorporates everything from a snippet preview and page analysis functionality that helps you optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions and more to XML sitemaps, and loads of optimization options in between. Visit publisher.


Smart SEO WP Plugin by AA-Team

The Smart SEO WordPress plugin is a best sale SEO plugin from CodeCanyon club. I recommended this plugin because this very easy very professional. Just click publisher link and get more informations. Visit publisher.

wordpress seo

I hope this article was useful for you. We will share more articles about SEO in future for our dear visitors. Please share our SEO cathegory in your social media profiles and bookmark for next visit.

Note : I will publish more SEO articles and premium WordPress SEO plugins and you learn how to create a SEO base blogs, please follow our SEO category.

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