25 Best HTML5 Games for Fun

25 Best HTML5 Games for Fun
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Do you need to have some fun? Today we have prepared a very special collection. These games are really fun and all of these games are very cheap sold by CodeCanyon marketplace. All the titles presented in here are equally important for HTML5 gaming – they pushed the limits of the technology, and proved that it’s possible to create real, enjoyable games.

All HTML5 games comes very special overviews like high resulotion – retina – 720, 960 and fullscreen ready, pure HTML5 and Javascript, tested all modern browsers and on IE10, Chrome, Lumia 920, Surface, easily add achievments, high score, etc via Clay.IO. HTML5 games collection run on a variety of platforms, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets, plus desktop and more! Games react to device orientation changes and scale up on tablets.

I’ve rounded up 25 best of HTML5 games for fun. Read on and let us know what, if any, you use for HTML5 games! Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and bookmark us for fast visit later.

Mobile First HTML5 Mini Game – 2

Mobile First HTML5 Game 3 Pack – 1

Anti-Gravity html5 android Game

Time Shield Html5 STG Game

Cut Off html5 game

Customizable HTML5 Game 1

Crazy Tank

Virus HTML5 Game

Rocket Star

Kids Connect the Dots – Responsive

Catch a Star


Diamond Math


Drunken Dude Game


Tic Tac Toe

SpeedBall Pong



Mahjong Solitaire

Rabid Slot Machine Pro

Word Search Game

Sliding Puzzle

Canvas Puzzle

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  1. “Great post!! The Industry of web development moves really fast and if you’re not following you’ll be left behind, that’s why I totally recommend using HTML5 for your website, although some webmasters are afraid that some of its codes won’t work on native browsers but I think it would work perfectly by now.

    The most thing I love about HTML5 (rather than local storage, editable content …etc.) is the multimedia. The Audio and video support is really great since you don’t have to rely on a third party plugin anymore. I think YouTube recently supported an HTML5 embedded code for videos to be added to websites.
    Thank You,
    Ann Daniel

  2. We are such a big fan of HTML5/WebGL that we have developed HTML5 game engine and games.

    There are still many obstacles in using HTML5/WebGL but the floodgates have opened 😉

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