How to write an article with 100% SEO compatible?

How to write an article with 100% SEO compatible?
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After google panda update, content has become very important same as backlinks. We will learn how to write SEO compatible backlinks in this article. P.S. Before starting a website or article, you should do a keyword analysis, choose the right keyword and work on this keyword.

I can’t pass before say something important. If your project’s success is depends on Google, keep this in mind: You can be successful when you stop assuming Google as a software. Google is never similar to any software in the World. Google engineers upgrading Google everyday. Aim of Google is benefit of human. It does that by forwarding user to the right knowledge as a search engine. Before you follow steps below, make sure the human is on the center of your article. Because Google does not really interested in data. Get data of past, compare todays and processes.

In example, one of clauses below is this: “content must be at least 300 words.” Google calculated that a useful article must be at least 300 keywords after detailed analyses. Or if a visitor stays on a website less than 3 minutes, Google thinks “user does not get enough benefit from website” Therefore first thing you should know is, your articles must be useful for it’s readers. First you should make users happy, then Google.

Example Title Sections;

  • Title must contain keyword
  • Title must start with keyword
  • Title must be at least 3 words
  • Title must be maximum 66 characters

Links (Url section)

  • Url must contain keyword

Meta Sections;

  • Description part must contain keyword
  • Description part must be maximum 160 characters
  • Description part must start with keyword
  • Tags must contain keyword

Title section inside article

  • Keyword must be used with H1 tag
  • H1 tag must start with keyword
  • Keyword must be used with H2 tag
  • Keyword must be used with H3 tag

Content Sections

  • Content must be at least 300 words
  • Keyword rate in content must be around 4.0-5.5%
  • Keyword must be in the first 50-100 words in article.
  • At least 1% of content’s images must have the keyword as alternate text.
  • Keyword must be in content with bold, underline and italic.
  • There must be enter and exit links in content which linked with keyword.
  • Keyword must be in the last 50-100 words in content

My advice to you is, write a useful article for your visitors and follow steps i wrote. This steps makes content rich and followers read your article without boring.

Last, i want to make a suggest a plugin for WordPress users. After you wrote your article, you adding your keyword to the plugin. Then plugin checking ur article if it meets the steps we mentioned above. After a check, it gives u a report that if something wrong in your article and gives you a seo point. If you missed some parts (like bold italic and underline) seo fixes these for you. This plugin is WordPress SEO by Yoast!

As i said, Google is upgrading everyday by its engineers. It’s assumed that there are around 200 SEO criterias are exist at present in Google systems. I met a Google worker in a seminar and he said: when u go to a google engineer, he shuts down his monitor by the rules. If not, he can’t talk to you. He can’t show his screen to anybody. This rule is only invalid in between engineers.

As u all knows, its impossible to learning google logic in 100% precise. but we only can make guesses by our experiences and analysis. i want you to answer this question: “what factors are effecting google search results?” i want to know your answers no matter how extreme or high answers comes up. one of my answers is: Google checking social media accounts by its robots, counting visitors, what they visits and counting number of their posts. This creates a SEO criteria. That gives + points to you according this values how commensurated to each other and to general. We can create more accurate theories together if everyone shares their comments. Please share this article on your social media profiles by clicking link below for all of us to create more theories.

We made a detailed article before about how you rise your rank up on Alexa. we highly recommend you to read it.

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