How to work with guidelines, rulers and guides in Quark Xpress

How to work with guidelines, rulers and guides in Quark Xpress
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In this tutorial, we will see how to work with guidelines, rulers and guides. Sometimes we need to know exact location or measurements between areas in our page both horizontal and vertical. We use guidelines and guides. They have also some spesific usage but we will now cover a simple entrance of how to use them, enable or disable.

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Quark Xpress
  • Version (if applicable): 6.0 and above
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Estimated Completion Time: 15 mins
  • Required Files: Download Here

At first, guides is invisible lines that textboxes, pictures and all contents snap for gives us a faster designing enviroment and speed. For open or close it, simply hit F7. Also can be show/hide in “View” menu. You can also disable objects snap feature in View menu. But snapping is recommended except few exceptional situations. We determine in New Project menu that how many guides will be on page and what distance will be between them(gutter width)

tutorial #1

Sometimes we want to put a horizontal line on centre of the page. We need a guideline for that. For do this, we need rulers. Its visible by default but if its disabled, simply hit Ctrl + R for show/hide it. It also can be show/hide in “View” menu

tutorial #2

Zero point can be determined by you on ruler. Sometimes you would want x=0, y=0 on out of page bounds, or anywhere on layout. For adjust x,y zero points, move your mouse on where horizontal and vertical ruler crosses and drag your mouse until location as you like.

tutorial #3

We set our Zero point. Now we go to add a horizontal guideline. For do this, move your mouse on Horizontal ruler, and Drag your mouse on layout anywhere you like.

tutorial #4

Do the same step for vertical line for add vertical guideline. If you want to put your guideline on a spesicif numeric location, simply double click on a guideline and enter location. See picture below

tutorial #5

For remove them, do the adding process backwards. Move them back over the Ruler by dragging your mouse. But Sometimes we start adding guidelines over and over while busy on a page. They become lots and lots of lines that might take lots of time if you try to remove them one by one. Do you want remove them all by once? Easy. Just simply click on horizontal or Vertical ruler by holding down “Alt”. Thats it

Alright. I hope this little tutorial was usefull for you. All suggestions and possible corrections are always welcome.

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