How to Move Your Site While Compatible with SEO?

How to Move Your Site While Compatible with SEO?
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You may need to move your website for any reason while it’sa situation that SEO experts does not likes. Site owners would like to know what it cost in traffic and revenue if move website. You can move your website with small losses if you follow SEO criterias. We will give you basic information for get minimal harm, loss of rank and revenue while you moving your website.

How to Move Your Site While Complatible with SEO?

First step : Specify aim, process and period

You should plan everything related in moving your website such like time, basic things to do and resources you can use. Briefly we can list them as below :

1.1 Assigning aim : You should know your priorities in example Minimum traffic loss, minimum rank loss, protecting your rank.
1.2 Time and effort calculation : Calculate how long does it takes to make these all and make a schedule.
1.3 Awareness : Each move procedure is different and must be taken care differently. Make sure what you want and what are your needs.
1.4 Notify people about move plan : Inform people who will be affected with your move.
1.6 Ideal time : Choose best period of time suitable for your move

Second step : Things to do on website is about to move

  • Hosting / IP address move
  • Domain name move
  • URL structure move
  • Changing website structure
  • Changing content
  • Changing design

Most difficult move procedures are when we have to do this all (usually all). Therefore think carefully if it worth to lay on these all for move to your website and will you really benefit after this move process completed.

2.1 Old website browse : You can browse your website, get an exact forwarding and url structure report by using a crawler.
2.2 Make a list of quality and valuable pages : Make a list of pages needs your attention.
2.3 Find 404 pages : Fix if broken links exist in your website.
2.4 Benchmark your website performance : Measure and record your websites openning time, ping time and similar values. Compare with new values after you moved.
2.5 Analyse your rank : Record somewhere your websites internation based rank. You may use it for compare later.

Third step : URL forwarding

All your valuable and important pages in your website should be forwarded to the same or related pages with 301. So your website’s link core will be protected and used in a good form. It is good to remember something here at this point : Your pages which getting high hits needs extra attention and don’t forget all your URL’s are important. Fix if there duplicated content problems and plan necessary forwardings.

4th step : Test on Test Server

Everybody can do mistakes. It is very important to test your changings on test server. This move processes responsibility on you. So you must be careful.

4.1 Blocking indexing : You must block your test site’s indexing. There are several ways to do it. You can block it by Robots.txt. It is not recommended because google may continue indexing though.

User-Agent: *
Disallow: /

You can add noindex to all pages for meta robots values. This is not recommended.

You can block your website’s indexing by encryption or allow only particular IP’s access. This 2 methods are recommended. If you don’t have a static IP, you should keep this in mind.

4.2 Robots.txt file preparation : Make your new website’s robots.txt file
4.3 XML sitemap preparation : Save your sitemap by using Google Webmaster tool and investigate it for possible errors and fixes.
4.4 Create HTML sitemap : It would be wise to create an additional HTML sitemap next to XML sitemap.
4.5 Broken links : Fix your websites broken links and incorrect URLs. You can use one of these : Broken link checker (WordPress), Check my links (Chrome), Simple links counter (Firefox)
4.6 Check 301 forwardings : It is good to emphasize this. Make sure your website’s link core forwarded properly.
4.7 Analyse duplicated content problems : Check everything such like URL structure or usage of same content in different places which can cause you duplicate content problems.

After completed all this steps, you can publish your website. After you completed your website’s move, compare values your recorded with webmaster tools such like URL reports.

Briefly, you have done analyse of your website, successfully planned your move. We hope you move your website without any problems after completed all this steps and get minimal loss of hit and traffic.

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