How to Easy Cut a Picture and Run Text Around the Picture in Quark Xpress

How to Easy Cut a Picture and Run Text Around the Picture in Quark Xpress
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Hello all. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create easy clipping paths without using bezier or pen tool of photoshop for pictures that has a clear backgrounds. All will be done in Quark Xpress in few simple steps. Keep in mind that your picture must have a clear background. Assume that its cutting your picture in an easy way. Lets get started.

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Quark Xpress
  • Version (if applicable): 6 and above
  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 10 mins
  • Required Files: Download Here

Below is our sample page. We have a picture with white background in the text area which we want to cut and want to text flow around hawk. See picture below

tutorial #1

Alright now click Ctrl + T while picture box is selected and next, click to “Runaround” tab. And click pulldown menu where currently set to “item” and select there “Auto image”. Check below

tutorial #2

After you clicked “apply” you will see that your picture’s white areas are filled with text. “Auto Image” feature automatically cut your picture’s white areas from your picture. Auto image is setting both “Runaround” and “Clipping” values together. You will see a blue line covering around hawk. That line is our path of text runs around of it. if u set “Outset” to a higher value, you will see that area of blue line is getting wide. Set it a value as u feel fine. Currently i will set it to “10” See below

tutorial #3

If you done all steps properly, result must be same as below

tutorial #4

Alright. This is end of tutorial. We cut our picture without using photoshop in few easy steps. That auto-image feature saves lots of time. I hope you benefit from this little tutorial and always feel free to contact for any suggestion. See you on next tutorial.


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