How to Create Tables and Make Adjusments in Quark Xpress

How to Create Tables and Make Adjusments in Quark Xpress
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In this tutorial we will learn to how to create tables and make adjusments in it. In example increase and decrease space or left-center-right alignments. Working with charts and tables are one of most irritating subjects in quark xpress. We will see basically how to manage it. We will create english premier league soccer table. lets start.

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Quark Xpress
  • Version (if applicable): 6 and above
  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 10 mins
  • Required Files: Download Here

I copy league table from english premier league official website. below is what i got from copy-paste it into a text area quark xpress.

Tutorial 1

As you can see, rows and columns are pretty messed up. Now we line all them up in an order. Hit Ctrl + A (select all) while you are inside text area. Make sure all text inside our text area. And then hit Ctrl + Shift + T. This will bring up Tabs window which we will use to shape our table. See below

Tutorial 2

Drag the window in page wherever you like. Now we will add tab anchors in our textbox for tell quark xpress to how far it will place text after we clickted “TAB” key. You will see a Ruler at our text area. There is we will place our tab anchors. Place one by simply clicking a location on ruler and then click “Apply” on window. Dont hit “OK”. see below

Tutorial 3

As u can see, The whole Column moved leftwards where i placed anchor. Keep adding and hitting “Apply” as the way you like. Below is mine

Tutorial 4

If you mess up, click clear all and you can restart adding anchors again. When you believe your table is in an order, hit “Ok” and close the window. Right after you created your table, you can add colors and backgrounds for make it more decorative. see below.

Tutorial 5

I hope this little tutorial helps you. Always feel free to contact for any suggestions.

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