How to Create Drop Caps and First Letter Bigger for Aesthetic Appearence

How to Create Drop Caps and First Letter Bigger for Aesthetic Appearence

In this tutorial we will learn to how to “Create Drop Caps” feature in Quark Xpress. For people thinking what is Drop Caps is, it’s make the first letter of the paragraph is bigger or differ from other letters in whole paragraph. That gives our pages more esthetical appearence. However it does not mean you should put it on all text lines. Only on few lines for decorative purposes is enought. Lets begin.

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Quark Xpress
  • Version (if applicable): 6 and above
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 10 mins
  • Required Files: Download Here

Alright you can download sample page and files if you wish. Or also you can use your own blank pages too. Just text area filled with text is enough. Now i will double click and highlight first paragraph below the area at main picture. And then hit Ctrl + F for bring up paragraph attributes window.

create drop caps #1

Now click drop caps. Keep “Character Count = 1” and make “Line count = 10” See result below

create drop caps #2

As you can see, Character count means how many lettes will be applied drop caps effect. And Line count means how deep down in lines the letter will go. If you give character amount a bigger number in example 10, if column isnt wide enougt to display all oversized lettes you will see a blank area there. Therefore always keeping it at “1” is better.

You can change dropped letter font as you like for make it more aesthetic. Also change its color and add some various lines drop caps and bold beginnings. see below

create drop caps #3

Alright. I hope this tutorial was useful for you and you learned one more knowledge in Quark Xpress. Please feel free to contact for any suggestions or corrections possible. Please share this tutorial in your social media for make it reachable by more people. Knowledge increases by sharing. Also bookmark us.

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