How do You get Backlinks from Wikipedia

How do You get Backlinks from Wikipedia
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We have previously written an article about “how to create a SEO based blog” in this article for beginners, i hope so this article will help you for more strong blog in search engines. Otherwise we shared a best article about “Google rank increase decrease” in this article. Please do not forget to visit those posts. Today, we talking about Wikipedia and you learn how do you get backlinks from Wikipedia.

As we all knows, Wikipedia is most biggest and successfull cyber library of internet. It has strong and always up to date content comes from users. It’s one of huge powers on internet World. Therefore backlinks from Wikipedia is also powerful and an authority in means of SEO. It can be listed on top of the search engine lists easly. This features of Wikipedia is draws attention of SEO experts as a backlink source. But it is not easy to get backlink from this powerful library.

We are giving you 2 clues about how you get backlinks from Wikipedia.

clue 1: Edit it’s page by a keyword about your sector and add your link.
clue 2: Add your link by open up a new page via a new topic.

In both ways, adding reason must be natural and orginal. Wikipedia never keeps copied and unnatural works in it’s database.

If we go with 2nd clue, we create a new topic which does not exist in the site as its an encyclopaedic knowledge supported with strong resources. After that, you can add few of resource links into topic.

It is possible to get links by showing links as resource by research seo’s improvement steps and history, release it on our webpage and add to Wikipedia. We recommend strongly that bookmark our SEO category for reach faster our future seo articles and past articles we published about SEO. Please also share our articles on your social media profiles for more people benefit from knowledge we publishing.


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