New Features with Headway Themes Review for Version 3.0

New Features with Headway Themes Review for Version 3.0
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Did you ever think why Headway Themes is worlds most selling theme framework? I am following Headway Themes since first time its released. I am observing its reaching out more people by time. We searched its reasons and listed below for share you. We hope this article will give you ideas about why Headway Themes is preferred by millions of users. We wrote for you the best Headway themes review!

Headway Themes is announced in their official blog that version 3.0 is ready to download. New version is released with lots of new features. One of most interesting one among this features is Headway Responsive Grid System. Plus we shared a video below about how Headway Themes Responsive Grid do works.

Demo for Responsive Grid System

New Responsive Grid System ready

The Headway Responsive Grid System is one of the best and possibly most under-utilized, features that Headway offers (in my opinion, at least.) Responsive web design isn’t just “the next big thing” – it’s the definitive direction that the web is moving, and if you aren’t going responsive, you’re getting behind. Get more information from Headway 3.0.

Custom Design Editor from Headway 3.0!

One of the major new features of Headway Themes is its unique design editor. It comes with WordPress 3.4 with Headway characteristic style. It will be integrated your admin panel with countless new features. Some of tools comes with design editor is listed below;

  • Fonts
  • Text, border and background colors
  • Rounded corners
  • Border styles
  • Background images
  • Line height and letter spacing
  • Text and box shadows
  • Styles for various states of hyperlinks

Best SEO Friendly WordPress Framework! (Search Engine Optimization)

A search engine friendly design is most we all want. I think most successful feature in Headway themes 3.0 is its user friendly structure. You can create a SEO friendly blog without need any 3rd party SEO plugins.

headway seo

Its possible to make your blog articles 100% suitable with search engines by Headway 3.0’s special title, description and tag features.

Headway’s single-page SEO features are complete. You have the ability to set individual title tags separately from post or page headlines and write a meta description.

Headway Extend™ ready for use!

Headway 3.0 comes with multi purpose tools. You can strenghten your blog or website by using this great tools. All tools are works well with responsive grid system so you can create an extraordinary blog without being a professional designer. Lets take a look this tools;

  • Pin Board
  • Testimonials Block
  • SliderPlus
  • Contact Block
  • ExcerptsPlus

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