Google Rank Increase & Decrease : Best SEO Tips

Google Rank Increase & Decrease : Best SEO Tips
[rating itemreviewed=”Google Rank Increase & Decrease : Best SEO Tips” rating=”10″ reviewer=”James JANSON” dtreviewed=”02.03.2013″ summary=”thans for this seo tips!” best=”10″ worst=”0″][/rating] I had many fallings of my websites even though i read lots of articles about WordPress and SEO and improved my knowledge since 5 years. I observed the same problem in most of top websites followed by millions. Usually website owners thinks there are only 1 or 2 reasons behind this falls. But in truth, it’s more than that. You can learn more about “Google Rank Increase & Decrease” in this article.

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A good analysis in “why your website’s rank decreased”  is an essential for solving the problem and get the rank your website deserves. You should know what you are about to do for a solution. You can start by examining data we provide as Daily Design Notes SEO experts.

Algorithm update (%39)
Loss in backlinks (%24)
Sites below you passes you up (%11)
Title and meta changes (%9)
Anti-seo attack (%6)
Theme changes (%4)
Content updates (3)
Server problems (%2)
Keyword density changes (%2)

Algorithm update : This updates happens periodically and usually announcing lots of webmaster blogs and forums. If you have falls in this periods, it’s usually caused by updates.

Loss in backlinks : This criteria usually caused because unknown or does not paying enough attention. Links you get may be broken or sites closed. Best way to examine is, You can check by date to date for removed links.

Your rival sites gets stronger : Don’t forget that sites behind you can make successfull seo projects and overtake you out.

Title changings : Meta changes does not effect your rank but can change the rate of your visitors, so that can change your rank also and can cause you to losing where you are in list. But most important one is, Title changings. If y ou did not created a SEO suitable title, this can create big wavings in your rank.

Anti-Seo attack : Your rival sites can use anti-seo for make your rank fall. Best way to check it is Google Webmaster Tools. You can examine what links with what keywords comes to your website.

Theme changes : Themes and interfaces are carries importance for internal SEO. Therefore, if your theme does not have a good internal structure, this can cause your rank to fall.

Content updates : If you update your website with content does not appropriate with your keywords, this will make your rank fall.

Server problems : Server downs, iterruptions in servers, locally or generally access failures, preventing search engine bots or obstruct scans in servers can cause your rank falls

Keyword density : Changing in rate of using keywords effects your rank also. Leaving ideal rate or spam fact can cause your website rank to fall.


  1. My website has been going down in the rankings for certain keywords for quite some time. I always assumed that it was the changing algorithms that were harming the ranking of my website because the content on my website is great and the keywords are used appropriately. But this list has given me quite a lot of other things that I should look into. Thanks.

  2. great article. i didnt know what to do for increase rank of my site. this article helped me a lot. i had a real big increase less than a month.

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