Gabfire Themes – High Quality in Newspaper and Magazine Themes

Gabfire Themes – High Quality in Newspaper and Magazine Themes
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Gabfire Themes is one of the biggest theme publisher in market. Currently they have 22 themes in their website. They usually mastered in newspaper and magazine themes. All of their themes are high quality and nicely designed for high functionality. When it comes to payment, they give you 2 payment options. Standart pack and developer pack.

Standart Pack $59 : In this payment options you also get regular theme updates and you are free to make any modifications to the theme as required to fit needs or requirements for personal or client projects.

Developer Pack $179 : This payment has the same features as standart pack. In addition, you are free to get 3 bonus themes of your choice.

They also give you a services with payment. There are 3 services options available. Bronze, Silver and Gold packs.

Bronze pack $199 : WordPress installation and Theme installation.

Silver pack $299 : WordPress installation, Theme installation and setup database backups.

Gold pack $399 : WordPress installation, theme installation, setup database backups, contact form installation, SEO plugin installation and configuration, color scheme modifications.

Final words, they have very nice and quality designed themes. They claim they giving the best support. They are giving you free access to forums, theme documentations, video tutorials.  All themes are compatible with latest WordPress, Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.


Newspro Magazine

NewPro Magazine is a multipurpose WordPress theme that suits for anyone running a news or magazine style website. The NewsPro Magazine has four column homepage layout with Ajax tabs that can be used as positions to highlight featured articles or custom widgets. The theme also comes with inbuilt Video and Photo Gallery modules.



Transcript is a multi-purpose and stylish news / magazine theme which includes an eye-catching slider and a built-in advertisement management module. With Transcript you will realize newspaper blogging can also be lots of fun. It incorporates some of the best features tailor made for newspaper sites, plus a user friendly and appealing design, with different color combinations.

transcript wordpress theme


QuickStart is a clean, well defined WordPress magazine theme for the quick launch of a blog or news site. The inspiration behind the theme was to provide a quick and easy site built upon the Gabfire framework. With separated widgetized sections for front and inner pages, we know that you’ll love the simplicity behind of this theme.

quickstart wordpress theme


Built on an awesome framework, SnapWire is the first free theme by Gabfire for the WordPress community. SnapWire has a sleek layout that can be used as a newspaper site, or condensed for your personal blog. With 9 separate content areas on the home page, SnapWire gives you more than enough real estate to showcase your best posts across various categories.

snapwire wordpress theme


Need an easy to use and wonderful restaurant WordPress theme? Want to get your site up in no time and showcase the fine cuisine, appetizers, entrees, and desserts at your establishment. Then, Restorante is the perfect theme for your food site. With its exceptional design by Firman, your site will be the talk of the town.

restorante wordpress theme


When you spend so much time building highly functional WordPress themes and incorporating user feedback, sometimes a streak of brilliant code morphs into something special. Our framework titled Source is the end result of exactly that. We wanted to improve on our solid code base and Source does that and more. It has several new features built upon the Source framework which will make getting your website online quick and easy.



Promotion of a business is just as important as the business itself. With Overtime, we aimed to provide an “all in one” solution to promote your company, product or service. Whether you want to build a website for a law firm, a school, real estate or travel agency or even a website for a health care field, you’ll find the possibilities of building it within minutes using Overtime.



BlogNews is a multi-purpose and stylish magazine theme with a unique homepage that is aimed to those who want a more professional feel to their site. With 7 alternate styles and advanced theme control panel options the theme gives ability to run a Newspaper or Magazine style website.


Advanced Newspaper

Online Newspaper is just a step ahead now. With Advance Newspaper you can set up and run your very own e-newspaper site just in matter of minutes only. Advanced Newspaper contains a lot of features, including, but not limited to, eye-catching featured entries, and a unique newspaper layout that is easy to navigate and powerful, easy administration and all in one theme control panel.

advanced newspaper wordpress theme


Built on latest Gabfire framework, with LinePress, we wanted to harness the look and feel of an online newspaper, but maintain the ease of a standard blog. There are dozens of theme options to modify the site to your liking. Most importantly, you can expect the same level of thought-work put into the LinePress back-end as any of our other newspaper themes.

linepress wordpress theme


From top to bottom, the design for the Journey theme began with a focus solely on travel. We weren’t going to give you just a standard blog with a pretty scenic picture and call it a travel theme. Journey’s sleek design is perfect for the avid traveler as a blog or magazine, and can even be used by travel agencies to showcase the top destinations in the world.

journey wordpress theme

Wp Newspaper

WP Newspaper, as the name implies, is a newspaper style WordPress theme that has all the features of a newspaper site. This WordPress theme has a unique newspaper layout and is ad and search engine optimized. If you are looking to showcase your content in a unique package and take your website into the next step, WP Newspaper is the template that you have been looking for.

wp newspaper wordpress theme


If you have been struggling to find the perfect WordPress theme for your educational / academic institution, the Graduate theme is exactly what you’ve been searching for all this time. Designed specifically for the educational niche, Graduate includes an advanced theme control panel that allows you to easily customize every detail of your site.

graduate wordpress theme


We have made it easy to tell your story to the world by eliminating all the noise packaged in standard themes. From the proposal to engagement to the big day, just focus on your story and let our wedding theme do the rest. The Wedding is kept minimal yet beautiful at the same time. It’s a unique theme that allows the lucky bride and groom to share their story and special occasion with friends and family.

wedding wordpress theme


Ever look around for a quality theme for your personal site – something that isn’t just a portfolio site or blog, but really focuses on the individual? Look no further. We’ve been peppering our newest WordPress theme – Personality – with all the right details and features. The Personality theme was designed with this principle in mind. We wanted to escape the traditional blog as some users may need a professional web site to inform their audience of their skills, background, or just who they are as a person.

personality wordpress theme

City Desk

Designing and developing great themes is a fun process but nothing happens exactly as planned. Our initial vision of a theme inevitably evolves into something very different by the time its complete. Luckily, it always looks better than what we had in mind. This is exactly how City Desk came to fruition. Some of the sleek features incorporated are due to our great community. Many members shared their expectations from a magazine theme and we went to work based on valuable input. The end-result is City Desk – an all-in-one WordPress newspaper theme.

city desk wordpress theme


There are not many places in the world where darkness occurs for 24 hours or the sun never sets depending on the time of the year. This theme, and its name, is inspired by the beautiful Swedish capital. The minimalist design offers an unique and balanced layout for a magazine or photography theme. The contrast is perfect for showcasing high-quality images.

stockholm wordpress


When you’ve worked with as many clients as we have, one thing is always constant – they never have the same needs nor do they use WordPress in the same manner. Some develop their sites solely based on pages, whereas others prefer using posts and categories. Some prefer the minimal and straight-forward approach to their site, whereas others prefer to capture everything under the sun.

capacity wordpress portfolio theme

Arts and Culture

What site are you working on next? If you’re starting an online magazine in the arts and culture space, then you may want to use our aptly named – Arts & Culture – theme. We’ve been going back and forth on various features and the end result is a sleek, responsive theme loaded with options. The real driver behind this theme was to offer a magazine that was on par with the big sites across the web in both style and features.

arts and culture wordpress theme


Connect is a WordPress and BuddyPress theme for those that want to build a community around their news site. Since BuddyPress has progressed so much in the last year, we figured a theme with social networking capabilities was overdue. Besides, our community has been asking for such a theme for quite some time. Now you have it with many cool features.

connect wordpress theme


Everyone has an Opinion! That’s the real substance behind great communities – a constant flow of different opinions. Our latest theme – aptly titled Opinions – really has all the bells-and-whistles needed to set up a community platform based on a magazine theme. With Opinions, we wanted to display a large amount of content in a clean magazine layout while also taking advantage of BuddyPress functionality to create a truly social platform.



As always, we listened closely to our community and analyzed the most requested features. Even with our 5 years of newspaper design and development experience, it took our developer 2 months to perfect all (and there’s definitely a long list) the features of this theme. We’ll go into details further below, but rest assured you won’t find another theme that compares to the all new Patterns theme for WordPress.

patterns wordpress theme


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