10 Of The Best Free Minimalist Tumblr Themes 2015

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Tumblr is a simple blogging platform built for simple themes!

In this post I am looking at the very best free Tumblr themes that have been designed for those looking for a minimalist look. If you are looking more specifically for premium minimalist Tumblr themes check this post.

As with most Tumblr themes many of these have been created to display images, but it is a versatile CMS that can be used for any purpose.

Check these out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Nitro is a free theme that has been offered in exchange for some onsite advertising. The theme itself allows you to choose which side the sidebar displays, has adjustable colors, and offers infinite scrolling.

In addition to the above you can add just about any Google font combination that grabs your eye, and allows you to easily add a custom background and logo.

Nitro Tumblr Theme



This Tumblr theme is offered from the same designer as the above theme, and therefore offers many of the same features.

With this particular template you can choose whether you want infinite scrolling or not. The theme also has four different demos to choose from

Mesa Theme



The Artic theme is a photography based minimalistic black and white Tumblr grid based theme, that can also be used with a single column layout at the flick of a switch. You can additional choose between two or three column layout if you wish to use the grid structure.

The theme also features optional infinite scrolling, and the ability to easily change colors, the logo image & add a background image to make the design more specialized.

The ability to easily use the Google font of your choice makes this theme a great contender.

Artic Tumblr Theme



Arguably one of the prettiest Tumblr themes to make the minimal list. Colette supports all post types, and offers a number of features including the ability to easily change the logo to an image, and built in social links.

The theme also has built in Google font & Google analytic’s support.

Colette Tumblr Theme



A portfolio inspired minimalist Tumblr design with a number of features to help you get the theme working for you.

Wallstocker supports all post types, allows you to easily add a logo image, and supports Disqus comments. The theme also has social network sharing buttons built in as default.

Google analytics support is also included.

Wallstocker minimal Tumblr


The Minimalist

A beautiful minimal Tumblr theme with all the basic features one can expect. The theme also offers localization support, Disqus comments, and supports all post types.

A simple theme with great potential.

The Minimalist Tumblr Theme



A simplistic single column theme with infinite scrolling. The theme also has an easy to use logo upload, as well as a wide view option.

Built by the team at UltraLinx Themes (no support is provided for this theme)




A minimalist masonry styled Tumblr theme that has been built for images. Simple, yet highly visually stunning.

Yuki Tumblr Theme


Legacy Tumblr Theme

One of the most customizable themes on the list, with over 50 options; including 3 photo hover styles, 20 customizable fonts, and the ability to change columns from 2 to 4.

Features also include optional infinite scrolling, adjustable colors, and unique slide-down topbar which allows your visitor to visit each section in a single click.

Legacy Tumblr Theme



Arguably the most busy theme on our list, and prepacked with four very different demos. This Tumblr theme offers a huge number of options for customization; including options to change layout design, logo upload, hover styles, and post size and margins.

Another cracking theme from Zen Themes.

Revolve Theme



Have we missed some classic free minimalist Tumblr themes? Just let us know in the comments below, we will check them out and may add them to our list.

Minimalist themes are what makes Tumblr so amazing! If you really wanted endless customization perhaps you may have chosen another platform – but these are great for almost any project.

Be sure to check back as we always continually update these lists with recommendations from readers.

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