How to Flow Text Around Picture in Quark Xpress

How to Flow Text Around Picture in Quark Xpress
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In this tutorial we will see how to use “Runaround” feature in Quark. It is one of the biggest tricks while you are working lots of pictures and text boxes in single page while you designing a magazine or newspaper page. Sometimes we want to text flows on a picture, sometimes around of it. And sometimes both. We will use a little bezier pen tool trick to show how it works. First we need a textbox and picturebox. You can download files which is necessary for this lesson. Check below and learn “How to flow text around picture in Quark Xpress“…

Tutorial Details

  • Program : Quark Xpress
  • Version (if applicable) : 8 and above
  • Difficulty : intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time : 30 mins
  • Required files : Download Here

picture #1

There is a header “Lorem ipsum” and 3 column text and a picture on middle of the page at first 2 columns. Text flows around the picture. All good now. What If you want to change its “Runaround” attribute. Click Ctrl + T while item tool selected. There below is the “runaround” menu.

picture #2

Briefly, With this runaround menu we can set how far text should be pushed away from the picture. Now i set top and bottom 40pt. See result below.

picture #3

I think you got the idea with this simple example about how it works. Now i move the picture at center of text and set runaround all sides to 15pt.

picture #4

All good now. But what if you want text flow on picture but not frog without cut it by pen tool in photoshop? See example below

picture #5

Text is on picture and picture box is behind but text still flows around flog on picture. Lets break it down and go step by step. Move the picture wherever you want on screen. i move it to top whilte item tool is selected. I move mouse on bottom right corner of picture where little square is. Your mouse arrow will change to 2 sided arrow. Hold down Shift + Ctrl and drag your mouse. You will see that you resizing picture as long as u drag your mous symetrically both x and y axis. Drag it until the other corner of your page. Result must be looks like below,

picture #6

Now tricky part is, bezier pen tool. Click it on toolbar and create a circular shape as big as covers frog on picture. See below

picture #7

When you created a circle and closed it, do steps “runaround” same as we did for picture. Ctrl + T and open “Runaround” menu while bezier circle we created is selected. Set it to type : item and outset : 15. see below

picture #8

Alright now click text area while item tool is selected and right click on text. select “send & bring – bring forward”

picture #9

Do that “bring forward” action once more again and result must be shown below

picture #10

That’s all for now. There are few more ways use for text flows around picture but this is the simpliest one. Feel free to mess with menues and attribultes to get more familiar with it and you will find very useful shortcuts which can make you do your job faster in Quark. Have fun!

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