How to Design a Magazine or Newspaper Page Using Quark Xpress

How to Design a Magazine or Newspaper Page Using Quark Xpress

Hello all. In this tutorial, we will create a simple magazine page. We will use Quark Xpress 8 and Photoshop (any version). In this tutorial we will cover usage of text boxes, photo boxes, importing pictures and simple paragraph styles for a sample magazine page in Quark Xpress.

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Quark Xpress 8
  • Version (if applicable): 6.0 and above
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes
  • Required files : Download Here

First, we need a blank page in Quark. Hit Ctrl + N or File-New Project in pulldown menu. Below are explainations of “New Project” menu.

New Project

I selected A3 for paper size (297x420mm) and margins=0, columns=5, gutter width=2. If you add page margins, note that margins will be towads inside your page. In example, if your page sizes 200×200 and you add margins top, left, righ, bottom=10, your blank page will be 200×200 but printable work area will be 180×180.

New Page

There our blank page. Hit ctrl + 0 for zoom. We are going to use Toolbar, measurement bar and color menu. Style sheets and layers will be covered in next tutorial. First im going to add a “Picture content area” for head photo. (shortcut R) There we will put our page’s main picture. Click R or picture content tool and drag+drop as its shown below.

Picture Content

Tip : Hit Ctrl + 0 for zoom all, or Use zoom tool on toolbar for in/out zooms. shortcuts :

zoom in = Ctrl + Space

zoom out = Ctrl + Alt + Space

zoom all = Ctrl + 0

After we created our picture box, hit Ctrl + E for import picture. Browse picture beach.jpg in folder.Click ok and your picture will be imported into picture box we created. Hit Ctrl + Shift + F for fit picture into the box we created. After picture fitted in box, you will notice that picture is scaled to fit in box. that means its stretched and need to be fixed. Down on measurement tool, there is X% and Y% values represents picture’s scale sizes. %100 means 1/1. Play with numbers there and see yourself how it effects picture.

Ok now i made picture X% and Y% = 100. Now we have our main picture on the page. Next step is add a headline. For do this, click “Text Content Tool” (shortcut T) After texbox created, open loremipsum.txt file and copy-paste headline “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” into texbox we created. Result will be shown below

text box 1

Hit Ctrl + A or use mouse drag on text to highlight it. At bottom measurement box, make font “Arial” and fontsize “70” and result will be shown below

text box 2

That little red box next to our headline means, our text does not fit into the box. Make track amount “-1” Result is below.

text box 3

Tip: “Track amount” means space between each letter. It can be + or -. At top you see Leading=Auto. Leading means space between lines. We will cover them both in next detailed tutorials.

Ok now we going to add main text. Drag a guideline into the page and double click on it. Enter Location=280. Click ok. Next Click “text content tool” (shortcut T) and click your mouse on left of the page where intersecting our guideline and drag until the right bottom corner of the page. Go to loremipsum.txt and copy paste our text into our created textbox. Result should be shown below

text box 4

Now in textbox, hit Ctrl + a and highlight text and next step, make font “Times New Roman”, size=11, Leading=12, Track Amout=-3, Cols=3 and “Justified” Result is below.

text box 5

Now hit Ctrl + Shift + F which opens Paragrahp Attributes menu. Set H&J to “Very Narrow Measure”.

After you clicked ok, hit ctrl + 0 and hit F7(close/open grid view) our page must be looks like shown below


I hope this simple tutorial been useful for you. Feel free to contact for any questions or possible corrections in this tutorial. All are welcome.


  1. Hello, I’m making a magazine, and I will be using size A4 papers. I’m wondering how do you set up the page, when I tried printing it, the layout does not fit exactly, it still has margins on sides, I didn’t put any margin on my layout nor on the pag setup. Thanks!

  2. hey ivy
    make sure in print menu, devices tab, scale set 100% and if “fit to print area” checked then uncheck it. i guess this will solve ur problem

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