Learn How to do Best SEO in 60 Minutes

Learn How to do Best SEO in 60 Minutes
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You can do tech analysis of your website less than 1 hour and can fix errors. In this article i will write about basically what you can do, what kind of typical problems you can take care of, and possible SEO technical analysis routes. Well what you can do in less than 1 hour to make your site rank better? We can assign topics to indexing, site visits by site spiders and potential SEO handicaps one by one as;

  • Structure (unnecessary forwarding, orphaned pages, nofollow)
  • Indexing and browsing on site (canonical, noindex, follow, nofollow, forwarding, robots.txt, server errors)
  • Duplicate content and internal SEO (repeated content, paging, missing or misleading topics, h1’s etc.)

If you are not familar with technical terms, don’t worry. You can get additional information on dailydesignnotes.com by search for route mentioned in this article.

You can start with this for inspect your target website;

  • A SEO tool : I recommended this site.
  • SEO toolbar: You can check if there a problem on your site that blocking web spiders to browse your site by allowing you to see nofollow links. Please read our SEO Addons article.
  • Google Chrome and Firefox: You can make Firefox to Javascript and CSS disable and user agent as googlebot. You can investigate how web spiders sees your site and if there is a handicap.
  • Google search: Duplicate content control, index analysis (for dual content and copy content problem analysis)

You can use webmaster tools and open site explorer reports for check if there is problems in your url such like 404, 301 and 302.

You can begin work by “site:” search on google, make results to 100 and check results comes up.
We can sort things in 3 topics which you can spare time less than 20 minutes.

Structural SEO problems

We can list structural SEO problems as follows;

  1. Important broken links: At first, make sure main page and following important pages links are working well.
  2. Unnecessary forwarding: Check if there is non-exist 301 forwarding on your pages
  3. Different subdomains – Canonicalization problems – www and non- www versions: dailydesignnotes.com similar links working as different addresses? Did you uploaded your sites content to the different locations for make your site reachable from different addresses?
  4. Checking stability of url structure: is there / after url address? Is it url structure is logical among themselves?

Indexing and browsing in site

You need to make a comparison and then an analysis about your webpage and Google index.

  1. Is there a punishment? you can check on google with site name and site address.
  2. Canonical, noindex, follow, nofollow, robots.txt: Is there a page appears on results which is not supposed to be there.
  3. Comparison of page number and google index number : Compare numbers of pages of site which is exist on google index.

Duplicated Content and internal SEO

Lots of webpages had falls on their ranks for their duplicated content because of Google’s latest SEO algorith upgrade . Best SEO improvement of your site is getting rid of possible duplicated contents on your website.

What you can do best for solving this problems :

  1. Parameter based duplications: Is there different url’s addressing same page because of sorting parameters comes after url?
  2. Duplicated content text: Is there copy content needs 301 forwarding?
  3. Duplications caused by paging: You sortec long pages. But are their topics and addresses same or not?

I tried to tell what you can do and create a route when we target a webpage. SEO is a hard work needs to do by professionals. It takes time experience, being aware of things you should do, having knowledge in backlinking. If this article can’t make you to understand whole SEO, it will help you to checking reports, follow and understand.

Our last article was about “Best SEO Addons for Firefox and Their Advantages”. We recommend you to read it also. Hope this article will be useful for your projects and help you in your webpages and blogs. Please share this article on your social media profiles and also bookmark us.

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