Best Premium Minimalist Tumblr Themes 2015

Premium Minimalist Tumblr Themes

Sometimes Tumblr just does things better than their competitors, and when it comes to minimalist design it absolutely excels itself.

Today I will be looking at some premium Tumblr themes that are simplistic, clean, and minimalist in their design. These templates have been designed to let your own images do the talking, and ensure that that is where your visitors focus lies.

Of course there are many more minimalist themes available for other CMS’s, but when you want to only post short form content with great social aspects Tumblr is still rated amongs the best platforms for your purpose.

The themes listed below are all premium themes, but if you would prefer something cheaper (ie free) please check out this alternative post.


A minimalist theme that relies heavily on images to make it beautiful. ‘Focus’ has been designed to make sure that your content looks absolutely amazing no matter what device it is being viewed from.

The theme supports Disqus, Flickr, Dribbble, and of course Google analytics.

If the design is perhaps too minimalistic for you simply add some background images or change the color using the built in tool set.

Built with adaptive design and code, and with full retina support the Focus theme will ensure that your content does not get missed.

Focus Tumblr Theme



Jomblr is a responsive widgetized Tumblr theme that boasts a huge array of options.

There is virtually an option for every single elements color, so this minimalist design can be made much louder with a few clicks of a button.

The theme comes prepacked with 10 extra widgets that have been built into the theme, and the ability to upload a background image and logo.

A truly modern theme that is clean, and refreshing.

Jomblr Tumblr Theme



A grid based responsive template that allows each section to be activated or disabled individually. You can choose a background image for each section, or select a color using the easy to use color picker tool. The ability to upload your own avatar has also been included.

Included social accounts are: Dribble, Facebook, Flickr, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo and Youtube.

Disqus comments can also easily be used.

Meogetric Tumblr Theme


Heavens Gate

Perhaps not as minimal in its design as some of the other themes featured in this post the ‘Heavens Gate’ theme offers a huge number of options to help you get your Tumblr up and running.

This theme has been designed by the same theme designer as the theme listed above, and therefore has many of the same features. You can easily toggle sections on and off depending on which you want to display, add background images, and select just the right color scheme for your project.

Choose whether you want Disqus comments enabled or disabled.

Heavens Gate Tumblr Theme



Another theme from Paul Borson, the ‘Triplex’ theme is a full width template that is ideal for sharing your photography, or other artistic work.

The theme offers a number of features and tools to make sure that your website is as individualistic as you are.

Triplex Tumblr Theme



A truly minimal multi-column design that basically does what it says on the tin.

The theme also comes with an optional dark version, and a huge selection of color, logo, and font options to make the setup process as simple as it can be.

Band Tumblr Theme



‘Quila’ has been designed to display your content in the very best way possible, while remaining clean and elegant. Easily toggle between a design with a sidebar and one without.

The theme also features easy Disqus and Google analytics integration, and has over 50 customization options.

Quila Tumblr Theme



Without  a doubt one of my favorite templates on the list, and yet very few sales to show for the designers time and effort.

Personal styles can be configured using the theme styles without touching CSS or HTML.

An ideal theme to show of photographs in a unique album structure.

Grid Tumblr Theme



A single column Tumblr template that has been built with photographers and writers in mind.

The one column content width is adjustable straight out of the options, as are the fonts.

Easy Disqus, and Google analytics integration help make this theme one of the best minimal designs available.

Boscona Tumblr Template



As the name suggests this theme has been built for photographers looking to gain some exposure from their work.

The theme offers optional infinite scrolling, an adjustable content width, adjustable photograph width as well as easy integration with social media & Disqus comments.

Over 50 customization options.

Aperture Tumblr Theme



A gorgeous theme that focuses on delivering your content in an easy to digest manner. A clean and simple design that is sure to get people talking about your work.

The theme has over 50 customization options which include the option to activate infinite scrolling.

A truly remarkable theme that offers a big bang for your buck.

Mattison Tumblr Theme



Admittedly not as minimalistic as the other themes featured on the list ‘Elite’ offers a great way to deliver image related content. All color options can be customized, and infinite scrolling can also be activated.



Do you know of any other minimal Tumblr themes that should be added to our list? Why not let us know in the comments section below?

We will be looking to keep this post updated with all the latest theme releases as they happen, but if you know of a Tumblr design that is extra special in the meantime be sure to contact our editorial team and we will do what we can to add it to our list.

Additionally, if you come across any broken links on this page we would appreciate you letting us know.

I sincerely hope you have found the clean theme that you have been looking for, but if not why not try our post on free minimal Tumblr themes.

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