The Best Adsense WordPress Themes 2014

The Best Adsense WordPress Themes 2014

Everyone that places Google AdSense on their website has hopes of generating an income from it, but many take this desire too far by purchasing WordPress themes specifically designed to increase their CTR (click through rate).

The truth is that most of these “for AdSense” WordPress Themes actually contribute to your website being doomed from the start.

Internet users have become very adept at profiling the websites that they visit within the first few seconds of the website loading. Would you trust (and not just click the back button) a website that was using a theme specifically designed to increase the websites revenue? I think not!

I have curated a list of the very best WordPress themes that work well with Adsense, you are sure to find what you are looking for!

TruePixel Blogging Theme

The TruePixel theme was initially designed to grab peoples attention with large images and bold headlines. It has also more recently been in the news as the theme that is used by Viral Nova – a popular website that makes over $100,000.00 per week. The options of the theme alone ensure that you can customize the theme to suit almost any niche.

Here is an example of the theme without any navigation menu’s:

TruePixel Adsense Theme

And with navigation menu’s:


I have created a mock up of how the posts look when you add your Adsense code within the themes main options panel. You will find this under “Advertising”.

Tip: If you wish your AdSense advertisement to sit as mine does in the example below ie. to the left, or right of the text then see how to do it here – simply add this code to your AdSense code before entering it into the advertising options box (easy!)

TruePixel Post Page

Price: $35.00

Demo | Release Page

Sensational Adsense Theme

The sensational theme has also been developed by My Theme Shop. It offers a nice clean layout, but does not have an area within the header to place advertisements or AdSense code (as it is too small).

Sensational Adsense Theme

As with the TruePixel theme you can easily add this code to ensure that your post advertisement is in line with your text – though I have not done this in the example below.


Price: $35.00

Demo | Release Page

Design Blog Theme

As with all the above named themes this one also lends itself well to AdSense advertising without ever giving that cheap “get me outta here” look. Just add interesting, well written, and informative articles and watch your revenue roll in.


While this theme offers seven separate areas to inject your advertisements it is probably worth bearing in mind that you are only allowed to place three AdSense banner areas on any page (so use theme sensibly).

Below I have created what I believe would be the best converting combination. To achieve this you will again need to refer to this article to ensure that your text wraps around you AdSense banner within the post.

Design Blog Post Example

Price: $59.00

Demo | Release Page

Nominal WordPress Theme

The nominal theme offers space for large images as well as all the advertisements you could want or need – fully configurable from the modern options panel available on the WordPress dashboard.

Nominal WordPress Theme

Price: $35.00

Demo | Release Page


A different looking theme for those wanting something that little bit extra special.


Post View:


Price: $35.00

Demo | Release Page

When you look hard enough there are quite a few alternatives to the “for AdSense” themes you see advertised on the many affiliate forums – If you create a website that people are please they have found you will be on the right track – and getting them to stick around long enough to read some of your content is the very first step.

Design is important, even for an Adsense Website!

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