Tips and Hints for Rise up on Alexa

Tips and Hints for Rise up on Alexa
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We gave some clues about get yourself listed on top on Google in a past article in SEO category. We hope you experienced in SEO blogging knowledge by this articles. Today we will give you information about how you get your page in upper placements from Alexa. You will get a visible uptrend in Alexa rating if you follow steps we give you which i’m writing according to my personal experiences.

What is Alexa and what it does?

First lets take a look what is Alexa and what is it does. Alexa is one of leading websites since 1996 of internet. It makes web sites country and global based rankings daily. It gives daily, weekly and monthly statistics for websites to analyse their hits. You can learn your daily pageviews, average visitors, time spent on your site and so on easly. Alexa toolbar is downloaded and using by millions of people. You can get Alexa Toolbar by clickling here.

Alexa rating is also has an important role for websites to getting adds. Buysellads (one of the most important add sites Worldwide) is always checking websites Alexa rating before they approve them.

Step #1 – Signup Alexa for your website

First step is signup Alexa and let them know about your website. Check Alexa signup page and create a profile for you there. If you are lazy filling signup forms, you can get a membership fast by signing up with your Facebook profile. After signed up, you can identify your website into Alexa. Click ADD SITE link and choose on of the 4 membership options which suits you. If you choose free membership, you will get standart Alexa options. Check sample picture below:


If you choose BASIC membership, you will get 2 dofollow backlink, add your own website logo feature, site comparisons, certified site metrics, enhanced site listings and lots more features as an addition to the standart membership options. I highly recommend this membership pack. Check sample picture below:


After you choose your membership option, now it’s time to add your website. After you added your site, Alexa will request you to validate your website by a code. After you add that code given by the system, your site will be validated.

Step #2 – Add Alexa Widget to your site

Step 2 is most important. Alexa will request you to add a widget you your website for it easly identify your site statisticts. Alexa will be still tracking you even though you don’t add this widged. But this widget will allow it to get more accurate statistics.


This step is easy. You can reach Alexa Widget’s by clicking here. Add your site link and create your widget. Then add it a location on your website. You will get an upper ranking on Alexa by this widget.

Step #3 – Use Alexa Toolbar

We highly recommend to use Alexa Toolbar in step 3. We generally using Firefox for browsing internet and also recommend Firefox. Click here for reach Firefox and Internet Explorer toolbars by Alexa. You can observe alexa points of both your own site and sites you visiting.

If you followed steps properly, you will start ranking up on Alexa in few days. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We will be happy to helping. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends on your social media profiles. Also bookmark us for future visits.


  1. Great article. If you’re wanting a nicer looking Alexa widget, I created an alternative. As you suggested, I would still recommend the toolbar for improving rankings though.

  2. The toolbar worked. My site took a leap after a day. But the widget thing I will have to postpone yet, if my site gain better ranking maybe. Thanks Jeff.

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