8 Best Hints for New Generation SEO

8 Best Hints for New Generation SEO
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We gave you few hints about how to get backlinks from Wikipedia in a past article. Today we are giving 8 hints for how to create new generation SEO and how you can have a blog that Google likes. You must be noticed that Google search results are variable. Google do cares more of maps, images, videos and social hints more than traditional links. This new facts makes search results more sophisticated and making deep changes in success rates of searches.

If search engines means you a lot for your sales, you must pay attention of google search engine results new shapes. This new features can make you much more visible on intenet. If you want your business be more successful on internet (who would not want) we give you 8 hints for bring you success in search engines.

1. Pay attention on Social Media

Now difference between searches and social media content is dissapeared. Twitter shares, Facebook “like”s social pinnings and similar social media behaviours are effecting search results. Actually search results are personalizing for each person makes search. Don’t forget that a good SEO project needs to sharing information and that highlt requires social media.

2. Write your articles long

Google promotes with high ranks at search results for long articles containing more words per page though google has the semantic features that cares of value of content.

3. Use location information in your SEO applications

Now in lots of search results, Google location informations is taking a big place. Consumers aware of it. It is also true that consumers getting charmed by this location results in searches. For take a place in this searches, make sure your company informations is available on as much internet sources as possible (actually valuable ones), make a good SEO in Google’s places page same as usual searches, be aware of positive comments about your company.

4. Mobile SEO

Mobile searches are increased more and more in past few years. Therefore make an aim on mobile markets is very important. Shaping your SEO projects without ignoring mobile markets is an important factor. Another important fact is analysis of mobile users request, behaviours and activities. That will be a valuable step to integrate your traditional searches into mobile searches. We recommend also keep your keywords short.

5. Keep following Google algorithms and updates

Google keeps adding new features itself and while doing this they pay lots of attention of user friendly functions. One of them is brand links. You must be noticed that well known brands names are coming at top in searches of most used products (in example a fridge) Google says they do this function for users that does not knows good brands.
If your products are highly searching on social media then maybe that can give you an exceptional place on this Google function.

6. Use keywords that compatible with your website

People make searches for get answers of their questions. Try to take guesses on this questions. Keywords and contents at your page must be containing answers of those questions. It’s for sure that keywords is must important part of SEO project. Core of seo project is take human as focus of search instead of a mechanical keywords.

7. Write quality articles

Google can identify spam links easly now. You must be focused on content for an effective long term SEO strategy. Visitors blog can be useful. You can focus on blogs that out of your sector for keep yourself on race. In example, if you are selling fishing equipments, you can create a blog about ocean creatures and give links to your website. So you can get a step further in race.

8. Make sure to use rich snippets

Rich snippets gives vision to your links in search engine results. In example, one of your author’s picture can appear on search results. Making this process will attract searchers to your results and make them spend more time on your website. You find application on google for examine.

We highly recommend you to read articles about SEO we published before. You will get high ranks in search results by following tips and hints we share and get better quality blogs. Please keep following our articles about seo.

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